Giving in the City

Giving in the City

Here at Make Give Live we are all about community, purpose and giving. We value kindness, empathy and caring so very much, be it for our makers, or for those we give to. So, when we learned about Orange Sky we were totally onboard with it.

Orange Sky is a fabulous organisation that have fitted out a couple of minibuses with washing machines, dryers and showers, they drive around Auckland and spend time at a number of locations where people who need to wash their clothes or have a shower can come and do just that.

What they are about even more than that though, is community, they encourage the people that come to their bus to sit, chat, connect with other people and build a community. This is so much what we are about and so we were over the moon to be able to visit them last Monday to donate a bag of 25 hats and a number of scarves. We sat, we chatted and we kept people warm.


The need for such warmth was so clear, the weather is cooling down and the prospect of sleeping outside as the winter approaches is a reality for so many. Being able to provide a little bit of love and warmth in the shape of handmade beanies was an amazing experience and is of course, thanks to all our wonderful supporters without whom this would have been impossible. We are so excited to be able to continue to support this amazing organisation throughout the winter months.

Thank you for supporting handmade and thank you for supporting meaningful making with purpose that has enabled us to keep heads and hearts warm this winter.

If you would like to find out more about Orange Sky, you can visit their website here Orange Sky

Jan 03, 2020

Wow, what a wonderful idea and how special. Now if only I could get someone to teach me to knit I would love to join the group yet I live very very far away. Looking at wanting to buy one of your hats, do you make pretty soft pink hats with a pom pom on the top? Just my favorite color for this ole lady here. Thank you

Sherry McLaughlin
Jun 01, 2019

Great post. Love your work Make Give Live guys xx

Barbara Uini
May 31, 2019

What an amazing thing they do! During a recent trip, I found myself at a city centre amenity, waiting for a shower alongside lots of
other people, contemplating how everyone else had ended up there. That some dedicate their time to compassion for others is a wonderful thing.

Caroline @greenwaysdundee
May 29, 2019

Thank goodness for folk like you all.

Val Skinner
May 22, 2019

Yes, we love to make and give 💕💕


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