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We exist so that people can enjoy the therapy of human connection, mindful making and giving to other people.

Make Give Live is a social enterprise focussed on community crafted warmth and wellbeing. It’s about making, giving and living. It connects, empowers and enriches the lives of people in their communities who might be struggling with isolation or wellbeing, and those who love to make and would like to be a bit more social and charitable while doing it.


Creative, crafty kid turned fashion designer turned communications agency co-founder, wife and mother, Claire Conza eventually broke down under the pressure of life and striving for success in a direction that she had lost connection with. Being forced to stop allowed her to really think about what she was doing with her life and WHY.

Claire spent 18 months searching for her purpose, listening to the little voice, figuring out how she could use her skills, talents and experience to do something good, something that mattered to her and other people. This journey lead her to dream up a movement called Make Give Live which is fast becoming a successful reality better than she imagined it.


We started with a session up in the Whangaparaoa library with a couple of passionate knitters (Anne & Jean) and my mother-in-law who were curious about this crazy idea I had. As word got around we gathered more makers and they seemed to really enjoy the sessions, and as people followed our story online they were eager to support and get their hands on our gorgeous beanies and be part of the giving movement too.

During our first winter the focus was on beanies which were sold on a ‘buy one – give one’ model so for each beanie sold one was given to a homeless or elderly person in need through our partners Age Concern Auckland and Lifewise.

The real impact we are creating and the amazing response so far is fuel to keep going and set up more groups in communities to start next winter as we campervan around NZ for the summer working on our systems and processes to enable us to scale up for 2017.

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